Private  Jewelry Making Events!  

Grab your besties, book a time & we will take care of the rest! 

Let's Create!

Looking for unique things to do on your girls trip to Charleston, celebrating a birthday, or spicing up your weekly girls night?! 

Whatever it may be,

we have you covered! 

Private Jewelry Making is your opportunity to say YES to yourself, creating a space to get your creative juices flowing, spend quality time with your people, and learn something new! 
Go ahead, take a deep sigh of relief, you do not need to be a jewelry genius… 
We bring all the jewelry making supplies, set-up, coordinate transportation, and provide step by step instructions at the beginning of our time together. Plus, we hang around helping you as needed. See us as your bonus bestie! 

We believe that community and creativity are the cornerstone of a fulfilled life! 

This is where the two effortlessly collide.
Buckle up because we are about to have a BLAST!

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Let's talk details!  

  • EVENT: For your event we will provide everything needed, from the jewelry materials down to the table clothes. Once we agree on time / location all you do is show up!¬†


  • WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: Customized jewelry pieces you hand crafted yourself!
    *Choose how many jewelry items each guests desires to make. Refer to estimated prices below. 
  • ¬†LOCATION: Is dependent on you!¬†You provide the address to your home, airbnb or ideal location and we will make it work!¬†
  • TRAVEL:¬†We¬†are based in Charleston, SC if travel 45min+ is required an additional fee will be associated.
  • PRICING:¬†Refer to pricing card below.¬†If you have special requests for large groups (20+ guests) additional pricing options are available.¬†(Minimum of $575 per group)

Okay, let's get this on the books!

One Item (per person)


Create one jewelry item, either a necklace,  bracelet or set of earrings.

Two Items (per person)


Most Popular

Create two jewelry items, your choice to make a set (necklace and earrings) or jewelry or mix and match!

Three Items (per person)


Create three jewelry items, your choice to make a full set (necklace, earrings and bracelet) or mix and match! 
*Discounts offered for parties of 20+ *

Meet Savannah

I am so happy you are here! I'm the founder of Senaa Soul & if you're anything like me I like to know the people I am going to be around before an event.
So, here's a quick recap of how we got here! 
In 2019 I started jewelry making. I was really struggling in life and needed something that provided me a sense of peace and fulfillment so I picked up a new hobby, jewelry making. 
At the time I didn't know this hobby was about to change my life - but it did. Creating jewelry became a mindfulness practice for me, it was my retreat away from the world.
It allowed me to see the beauty in creativity, that stillness is necessary for growth, that change can be approachable and fun! 
Now, my mission is to empower women to step into the highest version of themself through community events and coaching experiences. 
aka, help women live out their, "holy sh*t how is this my life?!" dream life. 
Now let's get to makin' some jewelry!

Alright, I am in!

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